an abundance of cucumbers

I’ve been terribly lax in my posting… for the record I will blame (1) life and (2) grad school.

In the meantime we’ve been in receipt of some amazing vegetables – beets, green beans, lettuce, squash, zucchini, kohlrabi and some beautiful fresh basil (which I gave away for a coworker to make pesto). And cucumbers. Let me tell you about the cucumbers. Tiny pickling cucumbers by the dozen, and cucumbers on steroids. These past few weeks we have had so many that I’ve been leaving them out in the office kitchen to share with other people (as opposed to hogging them all to myself). But I shared homemade zucchini bread with my grad class, because four hours of class with no food is blasphemy and bagels only go so far.

There has been some talk from our farmers of the tomato blight spreading through the Northeast, as mentioned here in the NYT. Our farmers actually asked for our thoughts on whether or not we would support treating the fungus beyond organic measures, if necessary. Sounds like the disease will run rampant and can potentially decimate an entire crop – which would be devastating for the farm. We did get some tomatoes last week but they looked less than healthy. Hoping for a better box this time around …


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