festival of food .. and musi(k)

If there is any one place that will please a foodie, it could very well be Musikfest. Sure there are musical performances and street vendors and a festival as old as I am .. but the food is very important.

foodie paradise

foodie paradise

The food covers all manner of sins.. sweet, sour, spicy, and most of all: fried. A craze seems to have hit the festival that involves the frying of virtually everything and anything.

.. Fried Oreo? check.
.. Fried PB&J? absolutely.
.. Fried Calamari? how pedestrian.
.. Fried Cheesecake, Fried Twinkies, Fried Candy Bars?

.. welcome to Musikfest ..

For those of you that are decidedly grossed out by this parade of fried, well, everything – there is much more to please your palate. Festival vendors will run a broad spectrum from hamburgers and french fries to ethnic amazingness, including jambalaya, babaganouch, halupki, and bratwurst.

Another food phenomenon is the _________ on a stick. Baked potato on a stick – great! Sesame Beef on a stick  – sounds about right. Scrapple on a stick. No thank you. My personal favorite, which I plan to dine on this evening, is pickle on a stick. Followed closely by Aw Shucks roasted corn, which is bliss.

Turns out ten days of festing could bring you that much closer to a heart attack. But what a way to go!


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