Soy un auxiliar

It is official – I’m a visa carrying American, bound for Spain in two months. Kudos to the Spanish Consulate of New York who cranked out my 90 day student visa in record time (2 weeks!)… totally unheard of and therefore, awesome.

Lots of questions have been asked about the job, the location and all the dirty details, so here they are in one spot 🙂

What? A job teaching English in Spain – a position more formally known as “auxiliar de conversacion.”

Who? Sponsored by the Spanish Ministry of Education.

How? I first saw it advertised on an international education list serve, and my good friend Katie gave me an emphatic push with a second email. The program website can be found here.

Where? I was placed in the region of Andalucía, in the province of Huelva, at a secondary school. My school is in a town approx 40 miles outside the city of Huelva. To the west is Portugal, to the south is the coastline and to the east lies Granada (approx 3h).

When? The contract follows the school year and runs October 1 to May 31. Each auxiliar has the option to apply for renewal of their grant and stay for a second year.

Why? I have always wanted to supplement both my resume and my life with a work abroad experience. In 2004 I spent a semester studying abroad in Granada, Spain with the American Institute of Foreign Study and it greatly shaped my career path. It drew me specifically toward education and confirmed my position as a strong advocate for study abroad.

I recently read a collection of stories by female expats and one of them summed up my feelings on Spain quite well: “your first foreign country speaks to you as no subsequent one can.” This is true and timely – I’m ready to go back to España!


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