I get by with a little help..

Throughout my preparations for this trip, I’ve been very lucky to have several people to lean on for advice and guidance. Everything from health insurance to transportation to living arrangements to packing tips.

Rachel has been a godsend, directly from the Spanish Embassy in Washington, DC. She is the sole native English speaker in the Embassy and I kind of want her job. Her office launched the first ever briefing for auxiliares and it was very well-organized and super helpful. Rachel is also a speed demon on email, and has answered several of my random questions almost as soon as I ask them.

Maria & Laura are sisters that worked in Spain via this program last year. They are also fellow Moravian alumnae! They have been answering my many Facebook messages and we recently met for lunch so I could pick their brains. There is nothing like speaking to someone who has already completed the program you’re about to do. Everyone has separate experiences, but you can certainly learn from those that go before you. (A shout out to JCreamer for putting us back in touch).

Luis is my hero. We met in 2008 during the Global Village program. His hometown is my destination! This is an extraordinary stroke of luck and again, thanks to Facebook, we are in touch about my trip. This man has drawn me a map of where to live, written me detailed messages about transportation to/from/in/around the city and answered questions about cell phones, population and other random things I come up with. I love him!

Paula and I met through my study abroad program with the American Institute of Foreign Study in 2004. She was the on-site director of my program in Granada, and a rock star. Paula is also an American transplant in Spain – born in the US, studied abroad, and married a Spaniard. Ole! I wrote to her as soon as the employment offer was on the table and we have been corresponding. Most recently she assuaged my fears on health insurance & prescriptions.

In other news:
– I booked my flight! 26 September.
– My PARENTS applied for PASSPORTS!
– I have approx a month left at Lehigh ..

.. where is the time going?


One thought on “I get by with a little help..

  1. How lovely to think of your parents potentially traveling to Spain! Your descriptions of the food alone, I am sure, will be sufficient inducement to cross the pond…


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