an attitude of gratitude

As mentioned in an earlier post, several local businesses have been wonderful in contributing products to my trip abroad. The theory here is to bring Bethlehem to Spain, in as many ways as possible – a good opportunity to promote local business.

Just Born Candy donated a huge box of their fabulous goodies: Peeps, Hot Tamales, Peanut Chews, Mike & Ikes. I walked into their donation area and there were boxes stacked up everywhere! It is a hot spot for generosity, and there are many people dedicated to the spread of goodwill, and candy 🙂

As noted on their website, Just Born is a family-owned candy manufacturer that has been in business for more than eight decades and three generations and they employ approximately 500 people in the Lehigh Valley. Their candy is marketed in 35 different countries! I remember when I was abroad in 2004, my mom sent over some of their candy in an Easter package. My European friends were blown away by the Peeps. I had to explain they taste better stale .. an amusing conversation in English or Spanish.

Mike & Ike does some excellent promotions – check them out online at: or follow them on Twitter.

Now all I need is a picture of the Peepmobile driving around town. I spotted him speeding down Freemansburg Avenue yesterday but he was too fast for me …


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