Tweet n’ Travel

I am a social media hound.

I change my Facebook status frequently, I  tweet often, and I blog. Not to mention email and Google calendar and posting photos. I keep up with my friends (@ScottieWo), my graduate school program (@LehighCIE), my favorite newscaster (@AnnCurry), the local deli (@BlackForestDeli), my favorite cafe (@thewisebean), my favorite bakery (@VeganTreats) my favorite baseball team (@RedSox) and a whole host of others.

My travel twitter has been slowly building steam. Luckily with articles like these, someone else takes charge of pointing you in the right direction for money-saving tweets.

“Twitter is a tool, not an application.”

“Just as Kayak gleans the best fares from dozens of sources, you can manipulate Twitter to bring in a customized feed of information.

“A handy tool for world roamers.”

Some of my favorite travel tweeters include:

@frugaltraveler — Seth is the new Frugal Traveler for NYTimes (you can still follow the former traveler, @worldmattworld).
@GoAbroad — excellent resource for study abroad.
@NatGeoTraveler — my favorite travel magazine, micro-blog style.
@JetBlue — for obvious reasons! deals, deals, deals.
@MatadorNetwork — independent travel magazine full of rockstars and incredible blogs, articles, photos and tips.

Social media has completely upended our world. It is a strange, over-connected place, where everyone knows everything about everybody else. It freaks me out, but I do kinda like it.


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