city vs town

Roam abroad in the world,

and take thy fill of its enjoyments

before the day shall come

when thou must quit it for good.Saadi

So I came to the conclusion that I will be a town dweller rather than a city dweller when I move to Spain. In conversations with the previous auxiliar, and with my school, I realize that it is just going to be easier to live in the town in which I work. There was a moment of intense panic (more unknowns) where I wondered what exactly a “town” signified. Are there livestock in the streets? Are there less than 1,000 people? Is there Internet??

After speaking to my friend Laura who is a recently returned auxiliar, I navigated my way to Spanish Google ( and looked up my soon-to-be home. I now know my city has 13,906 people in it. To compare, nearby Huelva has 149,000 people and Seville boasts 703,000 – that is a bit closer to my own Lehigh Valley which has approximately 800,000 people living in it. I also know it is an agricultural community and their claim to fame lies in peaches, strawberries and vineyards (¡olé!). I think this means that some of my stipend will be going towards supporting the local wine-makers…

I stop here and wonder if there is such a thing as too much research. I remember previous trips (Costa Rica, Chicago, others) where I researched the hell out of city and all it has to offer, and then arrive with high expectations and too many plans. I hesitate to push the buttons here and find out everything I can about Bollullos… I want to figure it out for myself.

On additional advice from the wonderful Laura, I also signed up on and am now so distracted I can’t finish my post.


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