the end of an era

Back in January 2007, I sat in my car outside of Human Resources in a freshly laundered suit and thought about how badly I wanted to work at Lehigh. At this point, I had been unemployed for almost 9 months (this after receiving a Bachelor’s degree in International Business Management and Spanish, with honors). It was not one of my favorite experiences, but ultimately it did  deliver me to where I am today.

I swallowed my pride and walked into a temp firm, curing my blazing stereotypes of temp firms and temporary employees. After an unsuccessful interview at a local engineering firm (“you’re overqualified”) – I got a phone call about a job in the President’s Office at Lehigh University. Three months later, I would be hired permanently. In the following semester, I would start my Master’s in Education program in the Comparative & International Ed program. A year and a half later, I would move to the Dean’s Office in the College of Business & Economics. Last May, I graduated in the first cohort from the CIE program. And today, after four years of service, I have left my post at Lehigh.

What a whirlwind, and what a joy. I met countless incredible people, and had so many experiences that I cannot possibly to begin to enumerate them all. Professors, VPs, coordinators, classmates, bosses, colleagues, students, alumni, parents, coaches, directors and advisors all crossed my path at Lehigh and have made a profound impression on my experience at Lehigh. I am fortunate to have been both a staff member AND a graduate student which really enabled me to see things from varying perspectives. I also fell in love with my graduate program, my cohort and my professors and managed to have a satisfying full time job in the meantime. It was a busy life to be sure, but a full one.

I am so grateful for the people that I met as a result of my time at Lehigh. You each mean a great deal to me, and I miss you already. Thanks for everything 🙂



One thought on “the end of an era

  1. Kelly –

    It seems like it was yesterday when I met the new smiling face in the President’s Office. I am so fortunate to have my time at Lehigh overlap with your tenure, and I look forward to seeing the next steps (leaps, actually) that you will make in your globe-trotting adventure. Godspeed.

    We’ll always have Bethlehem,


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