from my town to my town

Last week in my whirlwind of a Lehigh farewell, I managed to take an afternoon to myself and spent it with a Spanish 4 class at a local high school. This is a departure from my youth because growing up my school (Freedom) was an arch rival of this one (Liberty) .. so here’s how I happened to cross enemy lines.

In middle school, I had a phenomenal Spanish teacher named Mrs. Chomo who was also my homeroom teacher once upon a time when we were sequestered in the gym due to construction. Since those glory days (approx 15 years ago) – she has moved on to the high school and is now teaching Spanish there. Thanks again to the social connectivity of Facebook, I wrote her a note to let her know about my future employment and then we set a date so that I could visit her class for the afternoon.

I had this great idea that students from my town (in Pennsylvania) could communicate with students in my new town (in Spain) – thanks to the beauty of Skype and email. As with so many different things in this program / adventure — I’m winging it. So during a COLD afternoon at Liberty, I spoke to the class and told them what I could about my school and the students I’m about to teach. I also had them fill out questionnaires about themselves and did video interviews with them one-on-one. In theory, once I get to Spain I’ll do the same thing with my new students and see if we can manage some Spanish – English friendships across the pond πŸ™‚ I also took some photo / video of Liberty to take with me.

Thanks to Spanish Google, I did have the great fortune to come across this video of my new school. It’s gorgeous! (The video is also wildly long .. but you can skip around and see where I’m at).

Perhaps it’s time to pack?


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