Pack it up, pack it in

So I did it. I started packing.

I made a rapid fire list this morning and now my bedroom appears to have been hit by a hurricane. As promised, here’s the first take of what’s going in. Remember I’m planning for TWO bags: 1 medium suitcase and 1 large backpack. I’m flying with United so that means one 50lb bag (max 62″) flies free.

This girl can totally relate to my packing hell… many kudos to her, she’s throwing all in ONE bag! I haven’t reached this point just yet but I assure you that it will be here soon: “I’d rather go naked than make another change.”

Shoes: black pumps, brown sneakers, flip flops, Merrills? Asics? Boots?

Accessories: jewelry, belt, hair stuff, pashmina, gloves, hat and winter hat, purse

Outerwear: navy raincoat, black trench, hoodie, zip hoodie, puff vest brown

Clothes: unmentionables, socks, bathing suit, tank tops, tshirts (gym and work), sweats, sleepwear, shorts, jeans, black pants, buttondown shirts, vest, long sleeve shirts, dresses, sweaters, skirts

Hygiene: contacts and solution, glasses, toothbrush, toothpaste, travel size soaps-shampoo-conditioner, sunscreen, prescription meds, other meds, cough drops, brush and comb, makeup, nail stuff, towel

Other non clothing: prescriptions, paperwork, journal, planner, book, paper, pens, umbrella, laundry bag, cards

Technology: camera, chargers, adapter, mac and case, itouch, cell, kodak video

Piece of cake, right? Excessive paring down and some decision making tomorrow. Four days to go!


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