The Solution

7:37 am
I had an epiphany late last night and I actually had to sit up and write it down in case I forgot its awesomeness.. One big suitcase at 50lbs, one small to carry on, fold backpack, carry purse.

So this morning will find me repacking the whole thing because one big suitcase is not working out. My parents have offered to ship whatever doesn’t fit but i’m going to try like hell to make it fit. The real kicker is I probably won’t need half of the sweaters taking up all the room! Blessed by the coastal Andalucian climate… I may not see a day below 30 🙂

Stay tuned.

The suitcase in my mind is a vastly different species than the one I’m actually using. The one in my head has incredible space – a black hole of canvas and zippers, endless gaps and hidden pockets where I can fit my entire life. However the suitcase I’m using has a slightly more limited capacity.

I’m satisfied with my move to one big, one small to carry-on and a purse (read: large shoulder bag). I’ve utilized the space far more efficiently than in my previous packs — a plug here for Space Saver bags. In that itty bitty suitcase, I’ve managed to relocate all of my shirts with the exception of dress clothes and all pants except jeans.

There is an outside chance I may wear the same outfit for a week while at the hotel simply because I have zero desire to go through this again.

(heading to BBB for additional space saver bags).

10:27 am
Ok so my idea wasn’t as epic as I had hoped. I’m tired and frustrated and ready to throw things. The big suitcase is super unwieldly and I can’t figure out how to take the “spine” out of my backpack.

I’m squishing the entire lot into the space saver bags, come hell or high water.

12:32 pm
Drive to my moms office and weigh the bag. It’s 12lbs overweight… our bathroom scale was way off! At the airport that could equate to a $200 overweight bag charge. Instead I am now opting to check two bags. The first one is free, the second will be $50, which sounds a lot better than risking an overweight bag fee.

Oh the joy of air travel.

1:34 pm
I’m packed. Approx 75 lbs of luggage in two suitcases, and a backpack on my back. At this point I’m tired of looking at all of it and can’t wait to throw it on the conveyor belt and not see it for a few hours.

4 pm will start my trek to the Newark airport…. next time I post I will hopefully be happily ensconced in the hotel in Huelva.

Hasta pronto 🙂


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