huelga in huelva

Vocabulary of note:
huelga = strike
Huelva = the city I’m in

I have arrived in sunny Spain after a long and amusing journey. I left Bethlehem by car on Sunday at 4 pm, flew from Newark to Madrid, got sucked into taking the metro which involved me switching 3 times before I got to my destination, and finally the train station. Met up with Kristine (hooray!) and along the way met some other auxiliares… we are currently flooding the country. Made our way from Madrid to Seville by train, followed by another train from Seville to Huelva. I forgot how awesome Renfe is … I love public transportation. The highlight of the trip was having cab drivers haul our bags into a cab when we arrived in Huelva, only to drive us aproximadamente 5 blocks. Best 5 euros ever spent! There was no way I could haul those bags around anymore.

Now we are in our hotel, 6th floor, cute and cheap. It’s also right across from the school that Luis went to as a kid 🙂 The kiddos were the first thing to wake us up this morning. “HOLA” to their friends across the schoolyard. Hola, indeed.

Our arrival on Monday is particularly auspicious because there is a “huelga” going on tomorrow, Wednesday, in all of Spain. The report is that this strike will effect ALL transportation in ALL of Spain. No bus, no taxi, etc. I seem to remember something similar in Granada and there were still a few drivers that made their routes but not many. You know if this were SEPTA in Philly, there probably wouldn’t be any notice. This is also accompanied by picketers, demonstrations and policia. Nothing dramatic, but also not something you can plan for.

So I’m grateful we are in one place and don’t need to get around tomorrow. It is also my good fortune that Sergio, one of the professors, is picking me up tomorrow morning to bring me to my town! We saw Kristine’s town today and I am dying to see mine and meet my fellow teachers.

Off to tapas with fellow auxiliares!


One thought on “huelga in huelva

  1. Glad to hear about your arrival, safe and sound! Traveling really kicks my butt, but somehow I believe it’s just another day for you. I was just telling Kathy M. today that I couldn’t do what you’re doing, and she said neither could she. We laughed that we might be able to pull it off if we were 20 years younger. You go girl! I’ll be following along with your grand adventure, every step of the way.

    Miss you! (Oh, and we got your card. Thanks for the little treat inside. My gumby bacon man is holding it high).


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