vocabulary of note:

piso = apartment / flat
habitación = room
compañer0/-a de piso = roommate

…. internet is not behaving and photos are not uploading, so you will have to use your imagination for a bit longer and practice the vocabulary 🙂

At 7 am over Sevilla the skies are still pitch black. Every now and then a car hurtles by over the cobblestones but otherwise it is quiet. There aren’t even any birds chirping! Unlike my parents house in PA where an entire menagerie of animals herald the morning hours. Only crickets here, for now.

I am at a local hotel waiting for my ride to school. The moon looks like someone has taken it between thumb and forefinger, with only a sliver showing. I am hyped up on nerves and don’t even need a cafe con leche at this early hour. I need to figure out why it stays dark so late! What’s up with this hemisphere? It is a mystery .. and I can’t function in the dark.

I can’t wait to have a schedule! As a true geek, I am excited to go home and make a worksheet (“ficha”) for a class of first year students. We’re practicing the imperative (sit down! stand up! be careful!). I sense Simon Says in our near future.

ps. Today at school I discovered that my school will soon have TWO auxiliares! This is great news because the students / teachers will benefit greatly from having two of us in the school. There are so many classes and teachers (remember we are 400 students +/- and 35+ professors). He should arrive next week to work with us.


3 thoughts on “tuesday

  1. yes, Ed – they absolutely do! everyone here takes advantage of the siesta. Teachers might do so a bit later, but for us it’s like a reward at the end of the work day (2 or 3 pm) 🙂


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