piso photos

Finally – photos of the piso! We are sitting outside at a cafe on c/ Reyes Catolicos. You know, by the Burger King (“Home of the Whopper”). Still no internet at the house, but we apparently need a bank account first, which we can’t get without an ID card, which won’t happen until next week. This is like a complex board game… kind of like our carpool schedule!

Tried out the fabulous Se Vici system — a semi-treacherous ride from apartment to cafe across the bridge. There is a bike system spread out all over the city. Very bike friendly with bike lanes (in most cases) and these racks where you can pick up a bike for awhile to get from place to place. We need to master the system .. can get a deal for a year for something ridiculous like ten euros. Sure beats walking around all the time! We haven’t found the yoga place yet, but that is also on the list.

It’s a long list.


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