this life on a budget

Made the most important purchase of the year today: INTERNET. 30 euros a month / 3 people = muy bien.

If you’re considering living abroad your brain – like mine – is probably a mess. There are so many things to consider: cost of living, salary, rent, transportation, and so forth. Now that I’ve been here for a few weeks (although at times it feels like months), I still experience some shock when I check out at the grocery store. Please note this does not include my shock at the cashier throwing my purchases down the conveyor belt like dice… because that is consistent. Remember that the prices listed below are in euros since I’m rocking out in the European Union. I try to avoid watching the currency rates and prefer to live in ignorance as it fluctuates every five seconds, but the current rate is always available via Google (ex: 130 euros in dollars).

Some examples:

0.75: fifty-page notebook with lines, as opposed to graph paper which is the norm
0.38: can of tomato sauce
2.65: two chicken breasts, .5 kilos
2.50: glass of red wine at a bar, 6-8 oz
0.95: box of red wine at the grocery, 1L
1.26: pint of cherry tomatoes
0.50: bag of pasta, 250 grams
2.50: plate of tapas (appetizers) at a restaurant
2.85 box of cereal
5.00: two hand towels
2.69: potatoes, 3 kilos
1.79: box of black tea, 35 bags
0.74: hand soap, 500 mL
1.49: shower gel
0.95: dish soap, 750 mL
2.10: Mr. Clean, who we spend a lot of time with as we strive to keep our white marble floors sparkling and fabulous, 1.5 L
7.50: one way bus ticket Sevilla to Huelva
250.00: my rent with two other roommates
5.00: seven-day SeVici subscription
10.00: one-year SeVici subscription
19.00: Samsung phone + rechargeable SIM card
4.00: six document photos for national identity card & other assorted bureaucracy
15.15: taxes associated with said documentation for non EU citizens

News from home? Free. Thanks, skype!


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