pieces of home

Because my family rocks, I have already received two cards in the mail! I LOVE MAIL. My mother’s made me cry, of course. And my aunt sent me a cute Halloween card. Halloween! Psyched to do some fun projects with the students…

Things I Miss from Home:
– dryer .. my jeans are never going to fit the same way again.
– peanut butter .. I love nutella pero no es lo mismo ..
– carpet .. marble floors don’t stay clean and they are COLD..
– leaves that change color .. 100% green leaves here .. no signs of autumn.
– wellies .. here in fashion land, these are uber necessary on a rainy day.
– volleyball .. I just don’t give a damn about fútbol ..(blasphemy, right?)

YOU GUYS. Thanks for reading this and keeping up with my ridiculous life. I miss you all an extraordinary amount and love hearing news from home. Keep up the good work 🙂

Keep an eye on Picasa — photos of the city to follow.

Un beso,

addendum 21 October: I also miss MY CAR and the MICROWAVE.


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