Jornada Lectura

When I started working this month at my school, I was told there was an adapted schedule for the months of October, February and May. Our school day begins at 8:30 and our classes are an hour at a time, but during these months – the first 30 minutes of every day are reserved for …. reading. What is this place, heaven?

Here is a (US) throwback for you – SSR. Remember that? Sustained Silent Reading. I think that happened sometime in middle school, around the same time as I Scream for Reading and that Pizza Hut program with the fancy buttons and of course, the pizza. So each day throughout the month of October my students are reading for 30 minutes. The schoolyard is dead silent and everyone of them has their nose in a book. I haven’t seen any reading in English but I’m trying to keep an eye out. Cutest book I’ve seen so far and would like to read: Caperucita en Manhattan. That would be .. Little Red Riding Hood in Manhattan.

Other school news – I’m committed to a 4 day work week: 11 classes, 2 preps with a professor, 1 bilingual project meeting and a few hours of solo prep time. Remember that in an instituto the students are in first, second, third or fourth year (1ESO, 2ESO, etc). The group of students I am with the most (4-5 hours a week) is a bilingual group of about 30 students, in 3ESO. Most of the group is 14 years old and they have stellar English comprehension. So far I’ve done work with them in climates (science), weather (english) and poetry (spanish). They impress me every day with their comprehension skills — today they translated a pretty difficult article on weather / natural phenomenon / forecasts. Some remain embarrassed to speak out loud but for the most part, everyone gives it a fair try.

School rocks! Now if only the carpool were that simple.


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