adventures in tutoring

or “How to Make Extra Money Abroad“.

Tutoring RocksNew vocabulary for you (and for me):
honorario – fee
ubicación – location
disponibilidad – availability
presupuesto – quote
clases particulares – tutorials

While on contract for the Spanish government, auxiliares (1) may not exceed their contracted hours – 12 hours a week in most cases, and (2) secure additional official work. However, the manuals and the professors, as well as previous auxiliares, all say that tutoring is a gold mine. So in the event you are looking to travel excessively or perhaps make your rent money on the side and save the rent – tutoring is for you.

I started my tutoring adventure with the website:, as recommended by many current residents and in several different forums. You create an advertisement for the site and get a few free posts (here’s mine). My housemates and I also created fliers with our phone number on them, as well as little informative notes for every mailbox in our building. We can always hear kids tearing around so it would be ideal to teach them some English here en casa. We also dropped a letter at a nearby school and a women’s center.

Using that website and one ad, I’ve had 144 views since 12 October. I have fielded 8 requests, passed along 2, and confirmed one today – possibly two more tomorrow. English classes are the hottest thing going right now in this country, and the words “nativo/-a de los EEUU” (USA native) is like music to their ears. The going rate is 12 euros an hour, per child. Amongst our group of friends we have heard all sorts of things – groups of kids, one kid at a time, one hour per kid, one hour a week, 3 hours a week, 90 minutes at a time, less money, more money – many possibilities. This also opens the door for intercambios or language exchange opportunities. Some students will offer their own language skills in exchange for English skills, and others need to complete a certain amount of hours for their degrees in bachillerato (post secondary ed).

For now I’m booked with a 9 year old girl on Tuesday nights for an hour every week. Basic English and a bike ride away… love it.


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