DST: Daylight Savings Time / Daylight Saved Thisblonde


buenas dias, Bollullos!

I left the house this morning at 7:20 a.m. and it was LIGHT outside! I cannot begin to tell you how happy this makes me. That one hour is a miracle. Although I’m sure it will effect our magnificent Bollullos sunrises, we still have to drive west every day and I’m sure I can still manage a moment with nature from the car. The other thing this directly effects is the temperature. Sixty additional minutes in the am means at least three or four more degrees and one less layer of clothing (for now). Not to sound like Captain Planet or anything but when all these powers combine – it changes my attitude entirely. Good thing, because I had a helluva day.

In other amusing Spanish news — I have been waiting for two packages from home. They left the US mid-October and I only just received one yesterday. My coordinator’s father came to my rescue and got in contact with the customs people in Madrid to see what was going on with my package. So one arrived at school after their kind intervention, and the other was nowhere to be seen. However, a formal looking letter arrived regarding the other package. Neither my coordinator or I could make heads or tails of it — something about commercial goods, etc. So she took it home to her dad to see if he could puzzle it out.

Vocabulary of note:
aduana – customs
ron – rum (the beverage)
Ron – my father’s first name
Holland – Holanda (the country) and also my surname

Can you see where this is going? My father (Ron Holland) sent the package to me in Spain. I received the letter about “commercial goods” and the need to pay a tax on imports because the individual working at customs saw “Ron Holland” and thought of “rum from Holland”… as opposed to my dad’s name. Does this make you feel good about customs or what? Hysterical. So although I am awaiting a package, you can be the first to know that it does NOT include rum from Holland or any other such place. And for god’s sake don’t send me any!


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