links to live by


I mentioned this website earlier when talking about private tutoring in Sevilla. It rocks! Since October 12, my ad had 190 visits and 11 contacts. I put another one up today to test the waters with a more geographically specific ad (mentioning my preferred regions in Sevilla). Although several have come through in zones I can’t cater to, I’ve been able to punt them to friends. I should note that this service is FREE.


You know, for when you don’t know the words on the gates when you’re hiking in the hinterlands. Awesome online dictionary. I also like


For when I don’t have time to sing the conjugation song in other tenses. Only in Spanish, sorry!


Sevilla specific. I love this guy. Jeff is an American who has been living in Sevilla since 2003, and he is a plethora of information on this fair city. Everything from tourist traps to bus info to day trips to restaurants. I use his site at least once a week to navigate to something wonderful.  Thanks, Jeff!


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