my life without a microwave


La Cocina

Friends of mine are mystified by the fact that I, the foodie, have not been saying more about food here in Spain. My apologies! We have been eating here at home more than anything, and you know I am jonesing for my señora’s cooking, so I don’t have much to say in the way of Spanish food. At some point I’ll take you on a tapas tour, but for now, noticias de la cocina.

We three are coexisting in the piso and sharing cooking detail. We have had some awesome meals so far – all three of us cook, and switch off doing dishes. We’ve been entertaining a fair amount and some others friends have been cooking for us as well  (some day I’ll tell you about Hotel Giri: Triana ©). The kitchen is a fiesta all the time. Alex is actually cooking chicken fajitas right now as a I type this!

One of the hardest things for me has been the absence of a microwave (microonda) What if we have leftovers from one of these epic meals and I want to heat it up for lunch? Come on! I made mac & cheese one of the first weeks we were here (hello, comfort food) and I had to reheat it in a pan, on the stove, with some milk. Delicious, but another pan to wash. Some pisos have them, but ours does not. Honestly, if I had to choose between our washing machine and a microwave, I would FOR SURE keep the washer… although you already know I’m lamenting the lack of a dryer.

We do have a hysterical little plug-in tea kettle that gets used 7 times a day, at minimum. Although I am not caffeine dependent, I have been craving tea – particularly after a breezy bike ride or a long day of speaking English to my students. So tea + honey are staples in our household.

But instead of the miraculous water cooler (a la Rauch Business Center :)) or the tea kettle (Mom) or the Keurig (Dad) – we have this crazy thing at left. Pour the water in, plug it in, and in a few minutes you have boiling water. OH technology.

In other kitchen related news – we have mastered the bombona situation, thanks to our neighbor Loli. She knows we are out of the apartment most of the day and are unable to (literally) hail the bombona dude for a tank of gas. So we give her 13 euros and she pays (and tips) the guy to bring it upstairs and leave it outside of our apartment. It’s like Christmas … in a gas tank.

More exciting than all of this – we are planning a Thanksgiving dinner 🙂 Tomorrow is a test run with a roasted chicken. Lesson learned: stay out of Andrea’s way, she is a menace in the kitchen!


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