tengo frio


  • hace frio – it’s cold
  • hace mucho frio – it’s really cold
  • tengo frio – I’m cold
  • donde esta la otra manta? – where is the other blanket?
  • camilla – table with a heating element (brasero) underneath, and a long tablecloth
  • a mi me encanta la camilla – I love this dangerous and wonderful Spanish invention

It’s cold in Andalucia. What? Here is southern Spain, with between 2000-3000 hours a year of sunlight … and it’s cold. Granted, all things are relative when you compare to my home in the Northeastern United States. But still! I am eagerly awaiting the next package from my parents, which contains my winter coat.

School is particularly cold. I don’t have the greatest circulation, so I get colder a lot quicker than most people. Remember that the floors here (everywhere) are marble. AND it is important to note that the walls are not insulated. Seriously. It gets hot as hell here in the summer, so that is what the houses are built for. I usually wear at least 3 layers at school: tights, two pairs of socks, jeans, a short sleeve shirt, a long sleeve shirt, a sweater, and a jacket. Sounds excessive, right? I am apparently not as far away from Pennsylvania as I thought!


Camilla Magic

The camilla is the deal breaker here. Central heat is not common, although people use electric, gas and even solar power to heat their homes. So far I have seen central air, but no central heat. Rumor has it our apartment AC can function as a heater, but we haven’t figured that out yet. Instead, our land lady brought over a brasero for us. In the photo, the brasero is the heating element. Ours is electric, so you plug it in and it heats up enough so that you can sit at this table with you feet warming by the fire, so to speak. Back in the day this used to be done with coal – hello, fire hazard. There is also the issue of health – heating up your legs and feet at such a high temperature can’t be good for your circulation. So I’ve just decided to crawl underneath the table and sleep there, instead 🙂


February in Ronda


Off to Ronda for the weekend .. last time I was there we looked like Anderson here in the photo. Hopefully it will not be AS cold this time. It’s one of my most favorite places in Spain .. looking forward to seeing it again!



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