So today I signed up for the most gorgeous gym in this city. It’s called Gailsport Triana and is barely a 5 minute walk from my apartment. Miraculously, it is three floors and includes a lap pool, a water therapy pool, 4 squash courts, 6-8 dance studios for classes, a huge locker room with jacuzzi for 6, dry steam room, regular steam room, towel service, cafeteria and a shop. What is this place?! You can get a free session with a nutritionist, and free consult / workout plan from one of the (gorgeous) personal trainers. The selling factor for me is that all of their classes are included in the monthly price, which would never happen in the US. Spinning, yoga, flamenco, boxing, pilates, step, dance, GAP (glutes, abs, legs / piernas, hence the P). That and the fact the showers at the gym are bound to be better than the shower at our apartment 🙂

The inscripcion fee is hefty (72 euros) but you can pay it gradually. In true Spanish style there are two schedules – one for the mornings and one for the afternoons. I told you siesta was a priority! In the case of the gym, it actually does not close at lunch time. I chose the tarde schedule since I work during the day. The Spanish afternoon does not begin until 15:00, and lasts until 23:00, and includes Saturday mornings as well.

I thought I would be stuck with the monthly fee (60 euros) but I was able to sign up for the annual plan and pay it monthly (49 euros). The beautiful thing about this is 4 hours of tutoring yields almost exactly that fee, so I will break even on my gym addiction thanks to a few hours with a cute 9 year old.

Talk about new vocabulary … my contract is full of it. Here are some key words ..
abonado(s) – subscriber(s)
inscripcion – registration
– to shave –> don’t do this in the jacuzzi or there will be consequences!
gestor – manager
taquilla – locker (and/or ticket office)
vestuario – locker room (and/or wardrobe)
gorro – bonnet! in this case, it actually refers to a swim cap (sorry, Holly)
calzados – shoes (as opposed to zapatos?)
candado – padlock
folleto – brochure

All I need now … is some volleyball!


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