sigue lloviendo

.. and it continues to rain. And despite songs to the contrary, it does not fall mainly on the plains.


pomegranates in the rain

Granada, despite it’s beauty, is still not the prettiest in the rain. Ditto, Sevilla. Wet cobblestones are a quick trip away from certain death. Add in the winding narrow streets of the Albaicin or make use of a Sevici to the wet bike paths and you are sure to have an interesting time of it. Whatever you do, don’t leave your laundry on the drying rack outside on the terrace.

Spaniards, both meteorologists and otherwise, keep referring back to the last two winters where it rained continuously for weeks at a time. Of course the Spanish are prone to exaggeration, but in this case they are serious.


Glasgow weekend forecast

The rain drives the students mad – they are insane in class, not to mention sneezing, coughing and still wearing all of their outerwear. There is a small bonus waiting for us at the end of the day. If it rains through recreo (recess), the break is shortened by 15 minutes and school ends 15 minutes earlier!

So I’m curled up in the salon de profesores with my entire lower half under the camilla, still wearing my jacket and debating my ability to type successfully while wearing gloves. I also just saw the forecast for Scotland …

maybe I will see snow a lot sooner than I thought ..


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