countdown syndrome

hourglassI suffer from countdown syndrome. It is confirmed and unavoidable. This is the tendency to count down to a specific event, and immediately after one event is finished, another countdown begins. Is it any wonder that my time in Spain is flying by? It is December 2 and I have been abroad for two months now. It feels like much longer – although it doesn’t feel like Christmas (the Spanish dont get their Christmas celebrations going until after Dia de Immaculada on December 8, and their most important day – Three Kings Day – is not until January 6).

Right now my countdown to Scotland is about to expire – we leave tomorrow morning! Hard to believe, but there it is. Next up of course is Christmas. I dont have confirmed plans yet, but it is our longest break from school and looming large ahead of me. Then the visits begin! Hillary and I will be spending Noche Vieja in Madrid with friends, and then my parents will visit in late February. March is awash in visitors and April brings Semana Santa and more visitors, followed by Feria in May .. and suddenly .. the end of the program. I have grand visions of travel once the program is over .. but we will see where it takes me.

Note to self take some time to enjoy the present. Even if its cold and you’re tired or you’re thinking of someplace else … you ARE in Spain, after all 🙂

Stay tuned for tales from snowy Scotland ..


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