70 with a chance of Christmas

Today is December 10. Despite the rainy days of the past few weeks, and the torrents of rain that greeted us on our return home from Scotland – we have somehow arrived at a balmy 70 degree + series of days. The sun is shining, the air is humid and the temperature is nearing hot. We leave the house in three layers and arriving home sweating with cardigans and jackets in hand. I have no idea what to wear or how to prepare for the weather.

I always knew I was a person who needed seasons. The changing colors on the leaves in the fall, and the flowers in the spring. I don’t care for summer but I do love the sight of sun and the feeling of warmth after a rainy springtime. I am not a great fan of winter but there is something appealing about the first snowfall and the brisk air. If it had not been for Scotland I would have had no idea that it was December. Where I come from you don’t wear short sleeves in winter. You don’t leave the house without a pair of gloves, and you damn sure can’t wear flip flops.

palm treeLast night the Christmas lights were on in certain pockets of town. In a nearby plaza they’ve got a huge Christmas tree with red and yellow lights. This makes me smile, not only because it’s Christmas, but more so because it’s a few feet away from a set of palm trees. This morning I rode a bike across town to a tutoring session. I was plugged into my ipod and listening to Bing Crosby. 212 Christmas songs on my holiday playlist and none of them are satisfying with the sun on my face and the temperature in the 70’s. Sure the weather is beautiful and I am grateful for the break from the rain … but this is not my December.

Tomorrow is my family’s Christmas party, and I’ll be skyping in to all of the things I miss. My house, my parents, my friends .. and if I could have some of the food, I’d do that too! There is something very removed about being here in a Mediterranean climate without the chance of the stereotypical white Christmas. It won’t be a blue one, but it sure will be warm.

Fiestas Felices ..


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