es-spin en es-spain

adrenaline addicts alert! I took a spinning class at my gym for the first time yesterday. In fact my first EVER spinning class was in 2004 in Granada at a little place called Gimnasio Arnold. The teachers are startlingly similar – with a striking resemblance to Mr. Clean. The first one used to yell “Anda, rubia!” at me all the time (“move it, blondie!”) .. I was hoping this one would be a bit different.

apretar – push / press
un poquito mas – a little more
aguante – stamina! the verb aguantar has about a dozen meanings, including but not limited to: bear, endure, support, withstand
dale fuerza – give strength
gambas – shrimp

This all started with a bit of a challenge when the instructor informed me that in case I was unaware “espinning” and “ciclo” (see-cloe) are very different and that maybe I should think about that. So I asked him how long they would spin for, and he said 45 minutes… like a jerk I responded, “ohhh I see. In the US we spin for 60.” Game on!

He was right – they are different. Ciclo is apparently all about going as fast as possible to raging techno / club mixes of American songs, instead of doing combos on the bike or different routines to each song. Once I got used to the outrageous sprints and the tension on the bike, I kept up with him (and the crazy music). He kept checking on me for awhile, and then proceeded to pick on a Spanish girl who couldn’t keep the pace. We rode out the last sprint to the tune of ….. wait for it ……. Proud Mary. I am proud to note that at the end of the class, he asked for a “round of applause for the American.” Olé!

If you’re wondering why the word for “shrimp” is included in the vocabulary list, it’s because the instructor kept talking about the Christmas lunches we are all about to eat and how if we didn’t keep up, we’d be fat. Personally, I was racing for the vast amount of pastries I consumed in Huelva that day …..


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