Day trip: Cordoba

A day trip to Cordoba is easy and affordable from Sevilla (train, approx 24 euros round trip). We woke up in the morning and with tourist guide in hand, headed north to the city aspiring to be Europe’s cultural capital in 2016.

The city is home to a beautiful mosque turned cathedral – an interesting mix of architecture and history – dating back to 785. It’s also absolutely huge, and you can spend a whole morning walking around admiring both Christian and Muslim adornments. The stereotypical postcard shot is hard to come by with tourists swarming the place, but there are plenty of quiet corners to soak it all in. The interior patio is littered with orange trees, as all good Spanish patios should be. A return visit to Cordoba will be necessary in the spring when the patio competitions begin in earnest with flowers in every possible location.

A highlight of the day was .. the food. Taberna Salina gave me one of the best lunches I’ve had in awhile, and they are another reason to return sooner rather than later. We waited a significant amount of time for a table, but in true Andalucian style, at 2pm everything is closing for siesta. So we chose to bide our time and we were handsomely rewarded by warm ambiance, delicious food and a very good-looking waiter (or 2) who insisted on topping off our wineglasses at every turn. For 36 euros we enjoyed a typical salad (yes, with tuna), a bottle of local red wine, and two entrees. Mine was a revuelto – asparagus, ham, egg and magic. Dessert? Yes, please. Finally – a fix of arroz con leche. Kudos to you, TS, and thanks for the complimentary sweet wine!

Unfortunately after we closed the place down it had started to pour outside, and we slogged our way across town to find most major attractions closed. Winter schedules are tricky, and the rain severely dampened our tourist spirit. We hid away in a small leather workshop admiring a local artist’s prints and retreated a nearby cafe for warm drinks and another chocolate croissant.

All in all, do-able in a day and highly recommended. Hope for sunshine!


ps. Spain is now SMOKE FREE and I am loving it .. don’t let the crowds outside fool you, the restaurant is practically empty – everyone is smoking outside πŸ™‚


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