holler atcha hometown

Turns out Readers Digest giving away over $5 million in funds and promotional support to improve towns across America. Bethlehem, Pennsylvania is currently in the top 10 and people are making some interesting requests (you can give a shout out for what you think the town should do / would do / could do with the money). The most popular one for our town seems to be a light rail or some variety of train transportation to New York and Philadelphia. Well said, citizens. We are right in the middle of the two but have a helluva time getting to either (options are driving yourself or taking a bus).

I gave a plug for the recently closed South Bethlehem Neighborhood Center. I used to do ESL tutoring here for adults, and my parents and I (along with Lehigh University) used to participate at Christmastime with hope chests (shoeboxes filled with age appropriate gifts) and the Adopt-a-Family program (creating a Christmas for a local family who cannot provide their own). Due to lack of funding this small but mighty organization closed its doors, and its something I would love to see reopened.

So if you get a minute, give a “cheer” for my hometown, or your own at this website.


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