the land of abbreviation

I used to work at a university, the land of acronyms. So I’m used to abbreviating things and speaking in shorthand, although the Spanish have rubbed off on me and I’m not quite sure what the rush is. I think in their case they are just trying to save room on street signs and rubbish bins 🙂

So here is a list of common abbreviations floating around my adopted country. Apuntalos!

no8do – you know this one already since you are keeping up with my blog posts, right?

Avda – Avenida, or Avenue. As in .. Avenida de Kansas City. Believe it, it exists.

c/ – Calle, as in street. As in .. C/ Niculoso Pisano. Nicholas Italian Street? could be.

Hnos. – Hermanos, or Brothers. As in .. Hnos. Reyes on a business or a truck.

Sras – Señoras, or Ladies. As in .. Estimadas Señoras, your chariot awaits.

Dr. is the same, but you will see Dra. for a female doctor (doctora)

EEUU – if it’s plural, there will be a repetition of letters. As in .. los Estados Unidos (the United States)

P.D. – postdata – post script – our “PS” at the end of a letter

WC – water closet – aka the bathroom! (write this one down).

CEIP – Centro de Educación Infantil y Primaria .. aka, elementary school

IES – Instituto de Educación Secundario .. aka, high school

1°, 2°, etc. – this means first, second, etc. Not really sure why the degree signs works here.

Ma (with the “a” in superscript as if it were the degree sign) – this is the abbreviation for Maria. I bet everyone just got tired of writing it out because almost every girl in this country has Maria in their name.

Fco – Francisco. Well, why not?


4 thoughts on “the land of abbreviation

  1. Love the fact that there are abbreviations for Maria and Francisco!
    I have an answer to thoughts about the 1st, 2nd issue with the degree sign…. It can either end in O or A depending on gender.
    Ex: segundO = 2o; segundA = 2a – just like we do “nd” or “st” (*At least that’s what I teach my kids….let’s hope I’m right!)


    • oooh good point Dish. Maybe that’s where it comes from! I say, keep teaching it that way 🙂 FYI some of my kids in 4ESO read their letters out loud today and we had a grand old time. They are absolutely consumed by this project.


      • Exciting! I felt like I could just hear the excitement in the room in those pictures you sent me.
        Just typing up a consent form to begin epals as I’m sitting here stuck home on a snow/ice day. I’ll email you later! 🙂


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