corazones de conversación

Learning English with sugar .. or how I introduced candy hearts to the pueblo.

Mom & Dad sent an epic Valentine’s Day package (I know you’re not surprised by this – their packages are always full of highly coveted goods!). Needless to say they were full of things meant for sharing: pegatinas (stickers) for the 9 year old I tutor in Sevilla; lapices (pencils) for the 2ESO class English class today; and candy hearts for the teachers lounge. We made a list of translations because of course some of them are abbreviated (UR – 4 U – YA). Sugar highs always produce the funniest conversations..

  • dare ya = atrévete
  • awesome = guay
  • mad 4 you = loco por ti (see: Shakira)
  • too cool = muy chulo
  • so fine = que guapo
  • be mine = se mio
  • ur mine – eres mio
  • gotcha – te tengo
  • be true – sea verdadero
  • no way = no puede ser
  • xoxo = besitos & abrazos

Another important word today: clavel = carnation. Just this moment one of the teachers came into the department and sang me a song about this flower. The students are handing out carnations that we bought several weeks ago — red for lovvve and white for friendship. If you remember what this was like in high school, there is not much work going on in the classes due to the constant floral interruption! And so my nosy, nosy students are all over the place when someone gets a red flower. I have seen the students turn many shades of red today ..

In other news: Happy 34th wedding anniversary to my parents 🙂 I think for their gift I will arrange a trip to Spain. Ah wait…. they’ll be here in NINE days!


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