now that’s a care package.

Well, it has arrived. The package that has been through all sorts of postal hell. My mom shipped it BACK to Spain. Why didn’t they just bring it with them, you ask? Because 1) receiving mail is awesome, 2) to make a point about the Spanish post.

Needless to say after 120+ days in circulation, it is nothing short of miraculous. It is America in a box.

There are Grape Nuts and Pop Tarts and Quaker oatmeal. There are York peppermint patties and Butterfingers and Halls coughdrops. There is Skippy peanut butter and Airborne and Cadbury Creme Eggs. There are almonds and Cup of Soup and Barnum & Bailey’s animal crackers. There is Trident gum and hot chocolate. There is Bigelow Earl Grey tea and Stash English Breakfast. There is my metal water bottle, and my allergy meds. There are books for my students, a puzzle map of the United States and playing cards. There are magnets and glue sticks and a potato masher (thanks, Dad).

The only thing missing is my parents themselves… but they’ll be here on Thursday 🙂



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