the stares you get

Imagine yourself in your office. You’re sitting at your desk or your cubicle. Amidst all of your typical debris of papers, post-its, and paper clips there sits .. a flask. It’s shiny, it’s silver and my god are people staring at you! In lieu of a perfectly acceptable coffee mug with a picture of your 5 year old or Bart Simpson or “I Hate Mondays” .. there’s a flask. On your desk! It’s the middle of the morning, and I don’t know what the heck you’re doing with a flask but you have instantaneously become the latest and greatest office rumor. Dozens of pairs of eyes drill into the back of your head as you go about your business, and someone finally gets elected to ask you the question. It comes out halting and unsure: “What … is .. that?”

what .. is .. that?

Well. That’s what it’s like to carry a metal water bottle here in Spain. Here I am thinking they’d be down with the green since they are Oh So Recyclable. Not so, reusable water bottle friends. My roommate warned me that this would be the case, and although I figured I would get some questions, I did not expect such a funny reaction. This poor bottle has been out of commission for 120 days thanks to the Spanish postal service and damnit, I am going to use it.

My kids are amazed. They’re not sure what I’m doing but they think its awesome. Is it hot? Is it cold? What’s in there? They’re only 13 so I can’t tell them “vodka” because that just wouldn’t go over well. (Maybe I should say it’s “rum from Holland” .. it is my trademark, after all). The teachers are equally stumped.

Why hasn’t the reusable bottle caught on here? I’m mystified. All these runners and cyclists and what are they using? Plastic water bottles. For goodness sake haven’t they seen The Story of Stuff? They’ve already got enough air pollution between automobiles and gypsy fires .. and now we’re cluttering up the works with plastic bottles. Dislike.

So look out gym, school and public… me and the metal water bottle are stepping out.


2 thoughts on “the stares you get

  1. I finally started using my nalgene bottle after kids thouhgt it ok to take my water bottle out of my school bag and drink from it. Teacher, why is your water oragne? gets old, as a matter of fact.


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