day tripper

Sicut Lucifer lucet in Aurora, sic in Wandalia Carmona
“As the Morning-star shines in the Dawn, so shines Carmona in Andalusia” [ Ferdinand III, 1247 ]



The day trip is a beautiful thing. This Saturday we made our way outside of Sevilla to the small town of Carmona – population 28,000 (twice the size of Bollullos!). This area is commonly referred to as La Vega – or the vast plains in this region. Wordreference tells me the translation is “meadow” or “fertile lowland” – you can look at the photo and decide for yourself.

The pueblo is known for its Roman ruins – including an amphitheater from 1 B.C. and a necropolis with tombs from the 1st and 2nd century. At the very least, wandering around in these dark tombs gave us a welcome break from the blazing sun. Nothing like a day in mid March with the Andalucian sun on parade and the temperature in the 70s. Translation: sunburn for this blonde!

Flanked by two puertas or large stone doors, the town is quiet and unassuming. We claimed a spot outside of a local restaurant and chowed down on cheap and wonderful tapas. Flamenquines (think fried chicken cordon bleu), espinancas con garbanzos (warm spinach & chickpeas), and a new one for me: albondigas de choco (seafood meatballs). Several plates of tapas, a few drinks and a leisurely afternoon in the sun (yours truly in the shade) only added up to €16.60. We have begun to habitually lament the food prices in the United States every time we are blessed with a meal like this. An appetizer for 1.20? Unheard of.

puerta de cordoba

Puerta de Cordoba

We witnessed botellón on horseback, which my roommate pointed out is probably what Feria looks like. We fielded some questions in broken English from Spanish teenagers sprawled outside the Puerta de Cordoba, and marveled at the fact we are still considered exotic creatures in places like these.

The bus from Sevilla costs a mere €2.35 each way, and stops just outside of Prado de San Sebastian. Walking home it was still warm enough to be without a jacket, and the nightlife was tumbling out onto the streets of Triana. I for one, tumbled right into bed.

The upcoming week will include making plans for Greece, shopping for flights home (HOME!) and deciding what to do once the program is over. If you’re curious about The Next Step, I’ll touch on that in another post sometime this week. Right now its time to rest up, overcome this cold and watch some basketball. While I can’t watch more than a few seconds without a hiccup in the internet connection, I will say NCAA March Madness on Demand has given me a small dose of the college basketball I love so dearly. Even though I can keep an eye on my bracket, I am still jonesing for couch time with my dad and trash talking text messages with friends. Thoughts of home do creep up at the strangest times!


4 thoughts on “day tripper

  1. i feel like i am right there with you! i think it is fair to say you are going to have trouble adjusting back to our food – wings at starters?? def not topping your tapas!! can’t wait to see you! – hugs.


    • Thanks, Andrew! I saw your post on “The Search for Real Spain” .. have you published the book? I would love to hear your thoughts. My heart is securely embedded in Andalucia – the realest Spain I’ve ever seen.


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