feria for everyone

Feria pa’ to’. (In actual Spanish: Feria para todos / Feria for everyone).

I finally found it .. the feria that exists for the general public and not just the wealthy private citizens. Want to know where it is? Calle Infierno – the place where all the attractions are. While we did not partake in any of the rides, we had a grand old time watching the kids in their flamenco attire ride the Toros Sentados and la noria (ferris wheel). This was far more appealing to me than the casetas. There, I said it!

They had every ride you could imagine, just steps away from the casetas, caballos and manzanilla (tents, horses and wine). Let it be known that the Sevillanos have no concerns about getting on a wildly spinning ride while dressed flamenca. I say, bravo – hold on to your flower, señora.

There were several stand outs amidst the explosion of colors, lights, smells and sounds. One – the ponies. Sadly, they were hooked up to a small wheel and had to walk around and around like a carousel. I hated it on sight, and I don’t think the ponies appreciated it either. Two – the large and small versions of literally everything, as well as the repetition of rides. If your 6 year old wants to get in a bumper car, he has at least 5 options with different styles, music and lights. Three – the lottery ticket system for prizes. As always, the Spanish remain lottery crazy, and it turns out Feria is no different. Our favorite of the four or five ginormous booths was giving away legs of jamón, bottles of wine, loaves of bread and cheese. The ham legs really set the precedent. Who needs an iphone if there is ham to be had? and four, let’s give it up to the giant Native American figures outside the Enchanted Forest. They made me think of Dane Cook’s skit about 80 foot tall Indians… coming to get you, Spain!

My last tour around Feria (four nights in total) involved festival food – which shocked me. After hearing how expensive food could be, and seeing a 9 euro charge for a jarra of rebujito, I was fully prepared to leave the fairgrounds in search of nourishment. Not so! In the last row by the crane games sat a series of stands with hamburgers, hot dogs, ice cream and YES – kebabs. A kebab, some fries and a beverage came out to 5 or 6 euros in total. One happy stomach and an excuse not to get on the wildly spinning ride with the neon lights.

I’ll leave you with some photos and an amusing link – check out some of these caseta names, as given to me by Sarah: http://feriadesevilla.andalunet.com/casetas/listado.htm


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