33 razones para leer

A fellow teacher gave me this, and I love it. It was written by Victoria Fernández, director of the magazine CLIJ. CLIJ stands for Cuadernos de Literatura Infantil y Juvenil or Notebooks for Infant & Juvenile Literature. She wrote in Spanish and I’m including the translation for your reading pleasure.

A side note – I’m currently reading Caperucita en Manhattan and it’s fantastic. Caperucita Roja is Little Red Riding Hood, in Spanish. The word capucha means hood, and the “-ita” means little.

Another plug for a recent article from Stylist out of the UK: The Best 100 Opening Lines from Books. Love!

33 razones para leer 33 reasons to read
Para vivir más To live longer
Para detener el tiempo To stop time
Para saber que estamos vivos To know that we are alive
Para saber que no estamos solos To know that we are not alone
Para saber To find
Para aprender To learn
Para aprender a pensar To learn to think
Para descubrir el mundo To discover the world
Para conocer otros mundos To know other worlds
Para conocer a los otros To know others
Para conocernos a nosotros mismos To know ourselves
Para compartir un legado común To share a common heritage
Para crear un mundo propio To create a world of your own
Para reír To laugh
Para llorar To mourn
Para consolarnos To console us
Para desterrar la melancolía To banish the blues
Para ser lo que no somos To be what we are not
Para no ser lo que somos Not to be what we are
Para dudar To doubt
Para negar To deny
Para afirmar To assert
Para huir del ruido To escape the noise
Para combatir la fealdad To combat the ugliness
Para refugiarnos For shelter
Para evadirnos To evade
Para imaginar To imagine
Para explorar To explore
Para jugar To play
Para pasarlo bien For fun
Para soñar To dream
Para crecer To grow

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