how to scavenge a city

Early last week while out having drinks at our beloved 100 Montaditos, someone mentioned a scavenger hunt in Sevilla. This idea quickly morphed into a full blown fiesta, with plans for Saturday night. On Friday a small group gathered at our piso to make suggestions ranging from stupid to outrageous to downright impossible. Saturday dawned with a feeling of competition, and the promise of a big Mexican lunch cooked by several friends.

Teams were formed by random draw, and we had 13 people to play. Lists in hand (holding 46 tasks in total) and cameras charged, we hit the streets at 7:30 p.m. with a 2.5 hour time limit. My group proceeded to attack the following tasks with gusto:

  • take a photo with a señor / señora (+5) .. Simo found an old lady sitting on a bench and Jen had to convince one guy, but another demanded a hug after seeing the first take with the other guy.
  • find 5 different NO8DO symbols (+5) .. as seen on a manhole cover, building sign, magazine stand, street sign and bike rack.
  • find a menu with incorrect English (+1) .. Team 2 gets the win for this one with “Fierce Potatoes”
  • photograph graffiti’ed recylcing bins (+1 each) .. we managed to photograph five of these beauties
  • picture of a bride or communion niño (+5) .. Team 2 found a bride at Plaza de España, and we found a marinero (sailor boy) just outside Plaza de Encarnación
  • photograph a matching pijo family (+2) .. worth less points because they are everyone. Many Sevillano families participate in this bizarre trend where the whole family dresses alike..
  • drink a full beer at different 100 Montaditos (+1 each) .. paying homage to our favorite chain restaurant
  • photo with a street cleaner (+2) wearing vest (+1) cleaning (+2) .. while unable to secure vest and broom, we were able to get the coveted photo in Plaza Nueva
  • ride in a horse drawn carriage (+2) drive a horse drawn carriage (+5) .. why settle for riding in the back when you can hold the reins?
  • dress up at a souvenir shop (+1 per article of clothing) .. Ivan in an apron, holding fan and castanets, wearing a flower and carrying a bag. Check!
  • pick and eat a city orange (+4) .. que asco (how disgusting) .. outside the Cathedral
  • drink a beer that’s not a lager (+2) .. Guiness at Flaherty’s, no problem
  • trade shirts with a stranger (bonus for runner) (+10) .. we encountered a large group of Frenchmen and one in particular with a stunning blue button down with very patriotic white stars. And a mullet. He unbuttoned his shirt at the mere mention of clothing and slid into Ivan’s Betis t-shirt with a smile. He also passed off the wig and the aviator sunglasses for a priceless set of photos.
  • team member in the drivers seat of a taxi (+5) .. on a roll a few steps away from the Frenchmen, we coerce an old guy out of his cab and put Arely in the front seat.
  • photo behind a bar with a leg of jamón (+4) .. turned away for sanitary reasons at 5Jotas, we roll to good old Meson Serranito for a photo approved by bartenders and patrons alike. Mmmm, ham.
  • act out a corrida del toros in front of Plaza del Toros (+3) .. we’ve made it to the river and Simo whips off his shirt for a capote while Jen and Ivan show their horns for the fight
  • hug a police officer (+4) if you’re wearing his hat (+2) .. while we could not get the officer to part with his hat (during an official religious procession) – he did reluctantly offer Jen a 2 second hug & mug for the camera
  • kiss a teammate on the Triana bridge (+3) .. watching the clock we stop for a smooch on the bridge
  • all but one team member in the Guadalqivir River (+10) .. in true team spirit, my team passed off their cameras and stripped down to their underwear to hop in the river that runs through Sevilla. Down to about 30 minutes to go, we are in Triana, approx 15 minutes walking from our final destination in centro.
  • videotape a Trianero explaining why Triana es la leche (+7) .. an easy one to do, but made more awesome by the fact a soaking wet Jen sits down next to a fisherman to ask why exactly Triana is the best barrio (we all know its true).
  • take a shot on Calle Betis (+3) .. at the home for all foreigners, we take a shot of tequila while the girls drip river water on the floor.
  • picture of La Giralda from a terrace (not a team member) (+7) .. we sprint into a riverside restaurant and up to the terrace before the waiters can harass us for our rudeness. What? this is Spain after all.

Dodging the aforementioned religious procession we sprint to a Sevici stand and make our way back, most assuredly arriving late. On the way we photograph a SMART car parked perpendicular to the curb (+3) and I take a photo in a jungle gym (+2). With the most transportation difficulties ever (flat tire, two people on a bike, crash) we arrive ten minutes late and sweating like pigs. Due to the time penalty we are not so victorious, but we have a damn good time.

Cheers to you, friends, for a job well done!

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7 thoughts on “how to scavenge a city

  1. We used to do these in high school and they were SO fun! I laughed out loud reading this post. 10 points for creativity!

    And, as a side note, I also love 100 Mondaditos.


    • Thanks, Liz – we had an outrageous time. I for one stayed out of the river.

      Love your 21 May post – you’re so right, we are fortunate to have a strong blogging community that is so friendly .. time to collaborate on a book deal 🙂


  2. ya sabes que the pijo picture was by far the easiest. Now every time my teammate Jen is out and we see a familia pija there is nudging and giggling. Def saw blonde twins at the bull fight. Twice the points?


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