a change in plans

Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” j.lennon

Just a few weeks ago, I was making lists in my head of things I needed to do before I left for Spain. My visa had not arrived yet and I was procrastinating on buying a plane ticket because the rest of the red tape parade had experienced so many delays. Suitcase, backpack, duffel? Suitcase, suitcase, backpack? Round trip? One way? Can I use miles? Where is the cheaper flight? What if I leave on Monday instead? Why haven’t they invented teleportation yet? Beam me up, José.

Charleston, IL

Now it would appear my plans have changed. I no longer have a luggage limit or a plane ticket. I don’t even need a visa. I do need my car, and my clothes. Man, I have a lot of clothes. My time line hasn’t changed, but my destination has.

This Tuesday, I’ll be heading west. Midwest, to be specific. I accepted a post in the Study Abroad Office at Eastern Illinois University in Charleston, Illinois.

I know, I know .. it’s not Spain. But it is a great opportunity to join the field of study abroad – something I’ve worked toward, and love. Unlike many of my Ministry compatriots, I’m 28. I’ve had work experience, bills to pay and the legal right to drink for a bit longer than they have. I received my Masters in 2010, and made the decision to work abroad in my beloved Spain. And now it seems, in a wave of serendipity, that I will be staying in the United States.

I can’t think of a better way to spend my time here than working with college students. Finding them opportunities abroad, encouraging them to embrace the same eye-opening experiences that others have had before them. Working with great colleagues and partners, and of course: exploring the Midwest.

Don’t worry .. the blog stays put. This blonde in the cornfields? You won’t want to miss that!


9 thoughts on “a change in plans

  1. You know how Miley Cyrus sings about having the best of both worlds!? Now you have both of mine! Enhoarbuena times a million – the Midwest will love you right back! Will let you know the next time I head that way so we can have a chance to meet on the other continent. Sending big besos from Sevilla.


  2. Safe travels in a car, a new mode of travel for your new adventure…..
    We can’t wait to hear from this blonde in the cornfields!
    We should all place a small wager on how long it will take you to figure out how to incorporate traveling abroad into your new job!
    We have confidence in you!
    All the best as you settle in and start your new job. It is a wonderful opportunity. Happy Fall in the Midwest!


  3. I just came to your blog based on a recommendation from the lovely Cat Gaa, and just wanted to leave a creepy little comment sayin’ “heyyyyy” and that I’ve enjoyed reading. Also, my brother went to EIU (for a semester, but still)! I drive through Charleston roughly 1200 times a year on trips to downstate from the ‘burbs. That position sounds like a dream job, even if it’s not Spain. Congrats!


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