How the Midwest was won

I’ve packed the Pontiac within an inch of it’s life, and there is just enough room for my travel companion and her duffel bag. If one of us sneezes, there may be complications.

Packing for a road trip / life change is wildly different than packing for a year overseas. For one thing, I have zero baggage restrictions. This is both glorious and dangerous at the same time.

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On one hand, I can pack as much as possible – every girl’s dream, right? Wrong. Danger! Do you know how much stuff I own? A significant amount. On the other hand, and only slightly different, I can pack without restrictions. Think: 12 oz of contact solution instead of 3 oz. That’s a big deal when you’re schlepping long term, long distance and therefore .. glorious.

I’m not moving any furniture, and I’m not getting on a plane. Both of these are money savers. I am driving across the great state of Pennsylvania and into the Midwest, in my own car. This is also a big deal – my life would have changed dramatically if I had a car last year. Admittedly, it would have increased my fear of driving, parking, traffic and cyclists in the country .. but that’s part of the vehicle owning package en España.

Come what may, I’m headed west. But not before one last volleyball match. Charleston, I hope you have a rec league with my name on it.

Stay tuned for laughs from the road ..



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