amber waves of grain

Lisa and I have spent two days driving, 8 hours on day one and 5 hours on day two. Day one took us through the Allegheny Mountains (literally, five tunnels) and some heavy rains. Passing by Harrisburg, Carlisle and Pittsburgh, we landed in Columbus, OH and found a great restaurant and a cute coffeehouse thanks to friends in town. After waking up in the middle of the night to some collegiate sprinters pounding down the hallway and slamming their doors .. we still managed to get some sleep.


Day two took us on the world’s straightest road to the west: Route 70. With little traffic, some construction and a lot of tractor trailers, I was grateful to have a travel companion to talk to on the way. We passed through Indianapolis and a wide array of places named after other places: Brazil, Paris and London to name a few.

Turning off of Route 70 is a welcome diversion, and then you have 16 miles of Route 16 which is farm after farm after farm. Golden cornfields unfold in my windshield and I think “hello, heartland.

We throw our bags into the hotel room, and head back out to see a total of eight apartments. That whole Central Standard Time thing worked in our favor as we gained an hour in the day. Less so when we backed out of a realtor’s lot with a 5 inch screw in the left rear tire of my car. We quickly toured four local auto body shops trying to beat the 5pm closing bell that seems to sound across town like a siren. A big THANK YOU to the fellows at Neal’s Tire & Auto Center who happily took my keys at approximately 4:57 p.m. and saw to it that the screw was removed and the tire plugged in record time. I’ll be baking them cookies as soon as I secure a kitchen.

The black cat didn’t cross our path until later in the evening (yes, really). But now it appears the Yankees may lose to the Rays .. so maybe not such bad luck after all?


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