So many photos that I love: sweeping vistas, mouth-watering food, the telling of stories. Well done, Nat!

crumb castle

Alright, I’ll let you all take a break from my scribblings for a bit…

My good friend, Kelly Holland, of a moment in the sun recently threw down the gauntlet for me on this one.  The challenge: post my seven supershots.  “Challenge” being the choice word here.  As my hard drive can verify, I could have easily filled up about 1000 more categories, but for for the sake of not boring you to tears, here’s the final seven…

7.  The “takes my breath away” photo:


Big Sur, California.

The coast of California usually conjures up images of bikini-clad rollerbladers, hideously rad 80’s tank tops, and swarms of sunbathers.  Sure, you could find that, but the other 98% of the coastline is absolutely sublime and never ceases to surprise and inspire me.  This past summer’s discovery: Andrew Molera State Park.  Here, a hidden beach cove that we had almost entirely to…

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