Under Lock & Key

My friend Alexis recently shared a link to “20 Entries that are clearly gateways to Narnia” – a true book nerd’s delight*. Doorways small and tall, under huge awnings of green, perched on a mountaintop, buried underground. It made me smile and think about my own photograph obsession: Doors.

Traveling companions will typically nudge me and say, “Kel, look at that door.” Meanwhile, I’ve already seen it and trained my lens on it. My obsession is well known, and well documented. What attracts me to them? The faded paint, the elegant scroll work, the patient graffiti, the beckoning door knocker, the idea of opportunity. As a credit to my literary roots, I see the possibilities in every door. Are they all leading to Narnia? Probably not. That doesn’t mean it’s not worth preserving in a photograph.

So here are some doors I’ve left unopened, and others I’ve known & loved.

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Photo credits:
Athens, Greece – Fit for a wise old fortune teller.
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania – Home sweet home: 1515 at the holidays.
Budapest, Hungary – Everyone needs a roaring lion on their building.**
Granada, Nicaragua – Brightly colored like everything in this town.
Granada, Spain – In the Alhambra fortress, topped with Arabic calligraphy.
Istanbul, Turkey – Hagia Sophia, a feast for the eyes and a meeting of 3 cultures.
Jerusalem, Israel – Gigantic door in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.
Lagos, Portugal – Tucked away on a quiet street in this surfer’s town.
Madrid, Spain – A stealthy photo in the Royal Palace.
New Orleans, Louisiana – The French Quarter is impenetrable at Christmas.
Prague, Czech Republic – A small synagogue in the Old Town.
Rome, Italy – Every stone and beam in Italy is older than my country.
Salzburg, Austria – Reminded me of the Moravian stars of home.
Vienna, Austria – Palatial, demanding and important.
Vigo, Galicia – I think it hides books & chocolate. Right, Nat?

* The original article: http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/entrances-that-are-clearly-gateways-to-narnia

** I cheated: it’s a window!


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