Madison: Round Two

Without question, Madison is way out in front of some other Midwestern cities I’ve encountered. That being said, I tend to disassociate cities and their surroundings areas. Manhattan? Not like the rest of New York. Austin? A liberal swath of green in the great stretch of Texas. So too, Madison.

On my last visit North, and my first time in the city, it was papered with Recall Walker signs and Wisconsin Badger red. It hums like a college town and holds all sorts of ethnic restaurants, indy bookshops, trendy shops and the like. It breathes youth in bicycles, cupcakeries and loud t-shirts. Needless to say, it’s nothing like the flatlands preceding it.

This time a trip to Madison on business, with a regional conference. Take a 5 hour drive (hundreds of miles, then turn left), a good audiobook and an additional weekend with friends to follow = I am a happy girl. Not to mention it’s dairy central and I’m headed straight for cheese. Move over hipsters, I’m starving for culture.

And that’s TWO – count ’em – TWO weekends in October that were dedicated to cities.

Hallelujah, holy shit, pass the ice cream.

Madison Wisconsin ice cream


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