Behind the Apron: Thanksgiving!

I would be hard pressed to identify another holiday that I love as much as Thanksgiving.

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This is 8 parts because I’m a foodie, and 2 parts because I love preparing and sharing a big meal. You’re wondering .. you don’t love your family? Nonsense. I love them just fine, but I don’t need a Thanksgiving meal to love my parents. For the record, we are usually a quiet threesome with a table full of awesome.

Thanksgiving 2010 was spent in Spain, with a flat full of fellow teachers. We had a pueblo turkey, pot-lucked sides and a loud, perfect home. We also hosted two Spaniards that needing some navigating around our dishes (see: sweet potatoes with colored marshmallows, a result of in-country shopping) and our table (the everlasting meal). Nothing says America like Thanksgiving, right?

Thanksgiving 2012 will be spent here in Charleston. I know, you’re freaking out. Don’t worry, I’m not cooking for myself. I’m cooking for myself and my dear friend, Holly. With work and the price of flights, we are too tired and too broke to head home, so we’re calling this a down home Illinois holiday.

So what’s on the menu:
* Turkey + gravy (yes, Holly is a vegetarian but I am all about leftovers)
* Stuffing
* Mashed potatoes
* Sweet potatoes
* Green bean casserole
* Copper pennies (carrots + brown sugar + butter)
* Scalloped pineapple
* Cranberry sauce
* Homemade bread

Anyone who has any qualms with the amount of food listed here, has never seen Holly and I eat. Oh, and there’s more.

* Pumpkin roll
* Pie .. apple? tbd.
* Pie .. imported from Springfield bakery Incredibly Delicious (because it is)
* Cranberry bread (the morning after, of course)
* Apple cider, mulled wine .. where was I? Oh right, PIE.

Here’s to you and yours this holiday – give thanks, eat up and save room for dessert!


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