Purple mountain’s majesty

After a long drive west to St Louis I’m parked, shuttled, ticketed, through security and seated at my gate within 20 minutes tops. A girl could get spoiled at these small airports.

Following a layover in Dallas, I’m bound for California. What a switch from the postage stamp landscape of the Midwest. I thrill to the sight of mountains nearly the same as I do to the sight of a city skyline (almost).

My first time on the left coast will be directed by my friend Natalie. I realized the other day when I referred to her as a “friend from Spain” that she is neither Spanish nor have I seen her on American soil. A true example of past lives colliding in the present.      
Requirements for this SoCal newbie include but are not limited to:
* tacos
* breakfast burritos
* avocados
* Spanish
* the Pacific
* sunshine
* wine                                       
* temps above 50
* cheese
* a possible run-in w Lindsay Lohan

We’ll see how I do. My thanks to Abe Lincoln for the day off!


2 thoughts on “Purple mountain’s majesty

    • A whirlwind tour of Orange County & LA. Down to Dana Point, San Juan Capistrano, Long Beach, Santa Ana, and all around LA. We had some wonderful street tacos! My next poat will be an ode to food and weather for sure 🙂


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