Really looking forward to celebrating the Holi festival of colors with my staff and students on April 19!

EIU Study Ablog

It was cold and dreary outside as we tugged old white t-shirts over our heads, and huddled against the side of Buzzard Hall with three bowls of dye and a spray bottle full of water. What is this, an art project? We braced ourselves against the spray of cold water and closed our eyes. This, is Holi.

“Just hold still, Nate.” Sara says, dipping her hand into the small bowl I’m holding and pinching bright pink dye between her fingertips. She flicks her fingers and – splat – a burst of color on Nate’s face. A quiet pause as we admire her colorful handiwork and then.. it’s on.

Holi EIU

Our office has been planning the Holi festival of colors since January. Now that we are a month away from our event on campus, it’s all we can talk about. We met up with one of our returning students who agreed…

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