Curious about Cardiff

Part of my UK site visit in June will take me to some undiscovered territory: Wales. Ok, maybe other people have discovered it, but I have yet to do so.

And what do I know about the Welsh? A load of nothing. Time for research!

* Cardiff is the capital of Wales, and where my partner university is located. I’ll train it from London to Cardiff immediately upon arrival, probably miss the majority of the scenery as I nap. Does anyone stay awake with the sound of train tracks in their ears?

Cardiff Bay / Photo courtesy of

* Thanks to Google, I have some delightful Cardiff-centric content to review, and consequently, will likely base my travels on:

[+] Cardiffgirl turned me onto Chapel 1877 with her quick review on the pub grub, and a spot about four (FOUR) places to have afternoon tea in her fine city. She is so Cardiff that I’m going to need some quality time with her blog, and a notebook.

[-] Why is it that some “Visitor’s Guides” make your eyes cross and learn nothing at the same time? I’m a bit overwhelmed by Visit – lots of links, festive color palette and tiny print. I did see one tiny bold faced phrase referring to The Doctor Who Experience .. but let’s not tell anyone that I don’t know anything about that because they probably won’t let me off the train.

[+] I always wonder what locals think of Wiki entries about their town / environs / habits / selves. This time, I’m looking at “Welsh Cuisine” as determined by … well, wikipedians. I got excited to see “Welsh rarebit,” which I’ve never understood, but apparently neither does Wikipedia: “the origins of this dish are unclear and the name may actually be an ironic English reference to Welsh cuisine.” Oh, the irony.

[-] Leave it to Lonely Planet to use the Welsh word for Cardiff in their title. Show offs! It’s Caerdydd, in case anyone is interested. In a quick review, I spy some beautiful architecture, beer and decorated sports fans. Tips & Articles only reveals “Child Friendly UK – Keeping your family united in the United Kingdom” … fail.

[+] TripAdvisor says there are 71 things to do in Cardiff. I spy parks, castles, cathedrals, the stadium again, paintball, golf and Doctor Who. This is an upgrade from LP, so I’ll take it.


I’m ready for your Cardiff tips .. T minus one month to go!


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