Cardboard Kingdom

Almost one month to the date, I’m coming up for air and blogging again. Many of you know I’ve just made a monumental decision to a) leave my job in central Illinois, b) move to Baltimore, MD and c) start a new job. This is no small feat. Four insane weeks of work, goodbye meals and the constant rip and tear of packing tape in my cardboard kingdom.


packing forever

Thank goodness for friends who will work for carrot cake, because that’s how I paid my friend John to help me fill in the Ubox. For anyone who is considering moving in the future, I will go ahead and give a shameless promotion here: Uhaul Ubox is affordable and fits a whole damn lot. My entire 1BR is nestled in one right now. Remains to be seen when I will actually receive it, but that’s another story. I have enough in my car to live on until it arrives.

And suddenly, I’m in Maryland. I tossed it all into a Uhaul Ubox (aka POD) on Saturday, drove 7 hours to Pittsburgh last Sunday, then 4 hours into Baltimore on Monday and started seeing apartments immediately. I saw six apartments both in and outside of the city and made my decision pretty quickly. I ended up with a gorgeous place 2 miles from work and 10 miles from the city, no parking drama, no commute and an absolute mecca of activity compared to my former digs.

uhaul ubox

two rooms already in place

The stopover in Pittsburgh was a delight, as I got to rendezvous with a high school friend who I’ve not seen in some time. We dined at BRGR where I got so full so fast that I barely had room for the truffle cheese whiz dip for the fries (really). The pumpkin spiked milkshake won the day, without question.

I also forgot how palatial rest stops are in the East. While in the Midwest I spent a lot of time hopping on / off exits to a) take a pee break, b) gas up the car, c) get some food. Now here, I can do all three. My students, friends & faculty also made sure I had Starbucks cash to spare, so I managed to caffeinate accordingly. The roads were clear, the skies were blue and the leaves were all changing colors – it was the perfect road trip.

Now I’m blinking in the sunlight of civilization and can’t stop smiling.

Hello, world — I’ve missed you!

flat not flat

flat / not flat


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