Food, Greeks & Friends

Ah, the weekend. My second official one here in Maryland. Pretty comical considering I only worked two and a half days this week. So while I didn’t need the break, I did make the most of it.

My friend Lisa came to visit and we made plans to go out for breakfast, walk around Inner Harbor and wander over to the Greek food festival going on downtown. Some observations:
* Where is everyone on a Saturday? Inner Harbor was disturbingly quiet. Our guess was markedly less tourists in the early days of November, but still surprising on a beautiful day.
* Parking is no joke. I quickly figured this out while apartment hunting and keep confirming it when I go into the city. Parallel parking reigns supreme, and if you want a garage you’re going to pay for it. I parked in two spots over the course of five hours in two different locations and paid $24.
* I am still in civilization shock. I continually make exclamations like, “Oh my god, a _________! I can’t tell you the last time I was at one of those.” Wash, rinse, repeat. Good for the next six months.

Sites of note:
* Miss Shirley’s Café was so damn good that I need to put the food description here for you. Appetizer: Sweet potato biscuits with peach jalapeño jam. Entree: Grilled Salmon Florentine Benedict .. Poached Eggs & Grilled Salmon, Potato Zucchini Pancakes, Wilted Spinach, Dill Garlic Sour Cream & Herbed Hollandaise Sauce. I already know what I’m getting next time .. is that weird?

* Greek Orthodox Cathedral of the Annunciation put on the Greek Food & Cultural Festival in a series of tiny tents and buildings on Preston Street. A sampler platter had us filled with phyllo dough, and items I could not pronounce and left just enough room for four different desserts. I smiled at the sight of loukamades, a severely sweet treat that I first / last had in Nafplio, Greece. I opted out here to keep the memory equally sweet.

* City Café provided much needed caffeine after all the walking around. I suspect this is a sweet spot for happy hour, as well. If I wasn’t already stuffed from our Greek outing, I would have made a pass at the fried cauliflower with outrageous dipping sauces in this sleek space.

More on Towson exploration later this week ..


2 thoughts on “Food, Greeks & Friends

    • I know .. although I get 50% for seeing your sister in Lville 🙂 A colleague of mine headed your way for site visits. 2 days in Sevilla .. my recommendations cannot be condensed into 2 days ..


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