Gathering (n)

Party. Shindig. Get-together. Celebration. Fiesta. Gathering.

This weekend we headed to the Gathering Underground, thanks to a tip off from one of my coworkers and fellow foodies. At first when I heard the words “outdoors” and “December” I immediately thought are you serious? Then I heard it involved food trucks. So, let’s do this.

At first glance, the Gathering is a community-based, family-friendly get-together. During the warmer months the group has several locations where the “traveling food truck rally” as the Baltimore Sun calls it, takes place. Now in the cold dregs of winter, they’re headed indoors with trucks, vendors and live music to the Gameday Warehouse close to M&T Stadium where the beloved Ravens play.

We drove around for a fair amount of time, mainly because my GPS does not approve of that location. But once we managed to find the warehouse, and a parking spot, it was smooth sailing from there. The venue was startling empty around 9 p.m. – hopefully it was bustling at 5 p.m. when it opened for the dinner hour. Several vendors were cross-eyed at the idea of staying through midnight in the cold. Local partners included Bmore Flea and Charm City Warmth Drive which meant a few art and clothing vendors in the tents, and a $2 admission discount for a donation to Charm City Warmth upon arrival.

gypsy queen food truck

Gypsy Queen [photo courtesy of

By the time we arrived, several trucks were closing up for the night and the others were bundled up next to chalkboard signs and graffiti’d trucks. At the end of the line, the Gypsy Queen caught everyone’s attention with talk of tacos and gyros. I chose Espresso BBQ Pork tacos and was rewarded with two huge foil wrapped bundles for $9 – dinner, and then some. We decamped indoors to the couches and gave up talking for the sake of stuffing our faces to the 90’s soundtrack provided by a DJ.

Next Underground Gathering of the winter persuasion is January 10 at the Gameday Warehouse (map).

For more info:


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